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An article by Denise Ruggiero


The holiday from work for so long has coincided with the arrival of summer, for the worker the ultimate time for himself to disconnect from the daily grind and give his days a new order. It becomes important to organise this precious time in the best possible way in order to enjoy it to the fullest and collect a series of memories and anecdotes to cheer up the hard times caused by the return to work.

The statement ‘you always go back to the places where you had a good time’ often does not coincide with the worker’s feeling when he walks through the office door again in September.

Among the biggest problems of returning to work are the nightmare of waking up early and adjusting to a new rhythm, the anxiety of tasks to be completed by company deadlines, managing relationships with colleagues, and the stress caused by rush-hour traffic.

When something is relegated to a limited time frame of a few months or weeks, depending on the type of company in which one works, it becomes an object of desire and strong distraction because it shifts the worker’s attention from what he is doing to what he really wants to do.

A new organisational approach to scheduling holidays in relation to work commitments would renew the concept of a ‘break’ from work and a ‘return’ to work; these two phases could in fact be located at different times during the year and, above all, not necessarily be a continuation of each other, but be reborn in a new holiday working formula.

Ideal destination for holiday working

Among the locations most desired by workers, in first place we have a house with a sea view; in second place, as opposed to sea lovers, are those who would prefer a chalet in the mountains; in third place are those who would like a house on a lake; and lastly, those who would prefer to go to a city other than the one in which they live.

Some examples of seaside towns that are ideal for a peaceful stay are Muravara, Termoli, Sirolo, Monopoli, Andora and Avarola. For a peaceful stay in the mountains, destinations such as Bormio and Valdisotto.

The need is to work in open-air locations, several studies have shown that nature has positive effects on the person and helps recover certain cognitive capacities, especially attention.

The soul is regenerated, leading to benefits such as stress reduction, better management of work commitments and relations with colleagues with whom, thanks to the use of technology, one will always remain up-to-date and in touch.

Flats sought by holiday workers

Demand from workers in the post-pandemic period for flats to rent for long periods increased significantly, especially in municipalities and tourist resorts with good services and logistical connections.

The most sought-after houses are spacious ones with private outdoor areas such as a garden or terrace with barbecue and swimming pool for exclusive use; interiors with at least three separate rooms and no sofa beds. The presence of unlimited and functioning wi-fi is essential.


But not only flats also office-hotels

Even hotels have decided to become workplaces by transforming themselves into office-hotels with rooms equipped with every comfort and in addition common areas ideal for co-working. At the end of the working day, it is possible to combine the stay with a moment of relaxation. In this regard, the “Bed and Bureau” formula is excellent, combining the stay with gourmet tastings, treatments and wellness rituals in the SPA; e-bike rides; archaeological running or customised tours.

Many facilities in Italy have proposed daily or weekly packages to rent a room during the day with the same office hours.

The Best Western Hotel group offers rooms converted into temporary offices in which one can work in peace and security. In addition to an excellent wi-fi connection, the hotel offers printing, parcel pick-up and delivery services, free parking and access to the gym.

Portable workstation

Portable workstations are high-performance PCs designed for professionals and creative people, with limited thickness resulting in lighter and thinner than the average laptop. Their cost is high and they are aimed at a target group of professionals with specific work requirements, and are built to provide high quality performance.

Investing in a good notebook has productivity benefits as it reduces slowdowns and lock-ups, often the cause of work delays, and the efficiency of performance, guaranteed over a long period of time, justifies the high initial price.

Denise Ruggiero

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