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The companies in which Italians would like to work, awarded by Randstad Employer Brand 2022, are: in first place Ferrero for safety at work and employee well-being, in second place Thales Alenial Space, excellence in the quality of work content and in third position Automobili Lamborghini, best for benefits, salary and reputation. Other companies in the ranking are Ferrari, pleasant working atmosphere, Eli Lilly for work -life balance and Accenture, the possibility to work remotely.


The Ferrero Foundation, established in 1983, still asserts itself today as an example of an innovative and constantly evolving company with a particular focus on the needs of its employees. It focuses on providing employees with services that are beneficial to achieving a work-life balance. Among the services offered to employees are: free paediatric check-ups for employees, a home care service for the elderly, pathways to return to work after maternity leave or a long absence, and internships and scholarships for employees’ children.

Another socially interesting service provided by Ferrero, at the Alba site, is the crèche open not only to employees but to the entire territory, in a vision of corporate welfare aimed at the community.

Ferrari, in 1994, embarked on a corporate wellness project aimed exclusively at drivers, engineers and technicians. The programme included personalised training, screening and check-ups, the aim was and is to preserve psychophysical well-being.  In 1999, given the success and excellent results, the programme was extended to all 2700 employees. The project was also replicated by other companies such as Fiat and Maserati.

In the following years, projects were launched in Ferrero and in various companies with a focus on specific issues, such as allergies or the prevention of chronic diseases typical of women. At Fiat, the ‘Benessere donna’ project includes periodic screening for breast and uterine cancer.


Randstad’s research, on the level of attractiveness perceived by potential employees, shows that among the most significant requirements when choosing an employer we find: tied with 65% are work-life balance and a pleasant working environment, for 61% remuneration and company benefits, for 58% job security and to close with 54% the visibility of the career path.

Eighty per cent of workers consider the acquisition and improvement of skills to be of paramount importance. This contrasts with the current situation in that only 47% of employers offer sufficient training.

The survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Soxedo Benefits & Rewards Service Italy, among 4800 employees, has resulted in a ranking of the most desired employee benefits for 2022:

  1. Immediate rewards (36%)
  2. Meal vouchers (30%)
  3. Long-term bonuses (24%)
  4. Medical insurance (23%)
  5. Company canteen (23%)
  6. Financial benefits such as pension fund or life insurance (22%)
  7. Subsidies for public transport passes (20%)
  8. Training programmes for workers (20%)
  9. Work flexibility (17%)
  10. Company car (17%)


Great place to work Italia is the leading company in the analysis of company climate, work transformation and employer branding, with its 40 years of research on companies all over the world. It has established the “Best Workplaces”, now in its 21st edition, a ranking of the 60 best companies in Italy.

The methodological model, used in drawing up the ranking, examines specific aspects: leadership, management, communication, collaboration, organisation, professional development and compensation.

There are four categories and companies are divided according to their size. The data taken into consideration are: 210 companies and 94,064 employees.

The top three companies ranked for the four categories are:

with more than 500 workers: Micron Semiconductor Italia S.r.l.; American Express Italia and AbbVie Italia;

between 150 and 499 workers: Cisco System Italy Srl; Bending Spoons and Salesforce;

between 50 and 149 workers: Biogen Italia S.r.l.; Sidea Group S.r.l. and Insight Technology Solutions S.R.L;

between 10 and 49 workers: Fluentify; Nebulab S.r.l. and Stories.


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Denise Ruggiero

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