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An article by Denise Ruggiero

  • Corporate butler
  • Corporate flat
  • Car sharing
  • Car pooling

Company benefits are the advantages that companies grant to their employees by providing goods and services to improve their private and working life.

The most common benefits include a company mobile phone, meal vouchers, a company car, but also health care, schooling and education.

In recent years, corporate welfare has made progress in providing increasingly satisfying services for employees, increasing their motivation and fostering a more collaborative and proactive corporate climate.

Below are 3 examples of corporate benefits that benefit employee well-being.

Corporate Butler

The company butler is a ‘time-saving’ figure within companies that can relieve employees of their personal commitments and save them time.

The company directly hires the company butler who will be at the disposal of all employees and will take care of noting down their commitments in order to fulfil them.

Among the tasks to be fulfilled by the company butler are: postal services; handling paperwork; car washing; shopping at home; picking up medical tests and laundry services.

For workers it is therefore a medicine for the stress caused by external errands, which take time away from work and without external help would end up being delayed. There is therefore an improvement in work-life balance, with more time to devote to family, leisure and work, and greater personal satisfaction.

In addition, the employee will need less leave and will be absent less, which is also an advantage for the company along with others such as improved brand reputation, engagement and talent attraction.

In Italy over the years it is growing more and more as a corporate service and has 2500 employees, abroad it is already an established reality in France (250,000 employees of companies use it) and in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Corporate Flat

The company temporarily grants accommodation, either owned or rented, to workers who move for various reasons.

Accommodation can be made available to workers who need to move to a location for a short period, e.g. a week, to implement a contact with a new client or assist a client with a customised project.

The corporate flat can be a base for corporate workers who frequently travel to a certain area for work reasons, or an ideal solution for those who participate as speakers at conferences or workshops.


The flat can also be made available to customers and suppliers, thus consolidating the relationship. These will gain advantages such as the elimination of the costs incurred by staying in a hotel and the saving of time they would have spent searching for accommodation.

Long-term rental of a flat is cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Many hotel chains have decided to invest in extended-stay facilities, functional flats of a lower standard, bookable for periods of time ranging from one week to several months.

The flat is more comfortable than the hotel because it is closer to the feeling of ‘home’.

Car Sharing

Company car sharing is the sharing of a car that the company hires from third-party companies, a benefit no longer for the exclusive use of an individual employee. Employees will be able to book the car from mobile or PC through the use of an application. In addition, workers will be able to contact each other to travel together using internal chats provided.

Travelling together for workers is an opportunity to get to know each other better, commit to being on time and share car responsibilities.

For companies, there will be benefits such as reduced delays and absences caused by traffic, car breakdowns or strikes.

This type of mobility is more sustainable because it helps to reduce Co2 in the air. This will have an effect on Corporate Social Responsibility, as the company is careful to take measures that have a positive impact on the community.

Car Pooling

Car pooling is the sharing of a car owned by a worker with other colleagues on the home-to-company route or other work-related trips.

It is a very well-organised mobility that also makes use of external platforms such as Mobility Pooling, i.e. software that points out the nearest workers making the same journey.

In addition, there is a gamification aspect based on accumulating points, obtained by sharing route information with colleagues, which can be spent in shops offering services of interest to company employees.

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